Congratulations to our 2015 Iron Cowgirl Winners!

2015 IRON COWGIRL WINNER: Trisha Nepsha
First Runner-Up: Becca Dahmes
Second Runner-Up: Ashley Larson
Third Runner-Up: Hannah Schreck

Bareback Arena Race: First Place: Ashley Larson, Second Place: Trisha Nepsha
Barrel Race: First Place: Stefany Benson, Second Place: Hannah Schreck
Pennant Race: First Place: Kim Meador, Second Place: Autumn Lefever
Pole Bending: First Place: Ashley Larson, Second Place: Becca Dahmes
Scudda Ho: First Place: Amanda Nash, Second Place: Autumn Lefever
Goat Dressing: First Place (Tie) Glenn Nelson / Annie Favreau, Second: Hannah Schreck
Goat Tying: First Place: Ashley Larson, Second Place: Hannah Schreck
Rescue Race: First Place: Elena Cain, Second Place: Autumn Lefever
One Man Sort: First Place: Glenn Nelson, Second Place: Laura Smith Breakaway
Roping: First Place: Amanda Nash, Second Place: Laura Smith

Join Us September 23-25th, 2016

The Iron Cowgirl Competition tests strength, athleticism, courage, and skills as a horsewoman. Competitors pick from a series of events that would be found on the ranch or farm. The events are timed and point-driven. The competitor with the most points after all of her events will win the grand prize and be crowned the Iron Cowgirl!

Not an Iron Cowgirl? No problem! Come support the competitors and enjoy many other attractions as well, including the Barn Dance, Camping and more. There will be a chance for spectators to win great prizes too!

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Our Partners

September 23-24-25 | 2016
Tickets & Registration


Iron Cowgirl Competition
Somerstar Ranch
(Somerset Amphitheater)
715 Spring St
Somerset, WI 54025


Corporate:  Iron Cowgirl, LLC
900 Wayzata Blvd East
Suite 130
Wayzata, MN 55391