Results – 2014

The 2014 Iron Cowgirl Competition drew a multitude of spectators and over thirty competitors from as far as North Dakota and Illinois.  Each contestant participated in multiple events, with points awarded to the top eight places in each event with $15,000 in cash and prizes.  The overall winner for the weekend was named the 2014 Iron Cowgirl!  Top prizes included a one year lease on a 4 Star 2-Horse Bumper Trailer from Arena Trailer Sales, a custom made leather saddle, custom leather breast collars and custom wool saddle pads from NF Saddlery, microfiber jackets from Cowgirl Tuff Company.  Additional cash prizes were awarded in the trailer and barrel races.

The competition was fierce.  The score was tied for first place until the final event, the Trailer Race.  In this competition, each team (cowgirl and a teammate) starts in the middle of the arena.  At the base of a barrel sits her saddle and bridle.  The teammate grabs the bridle, the cowgirl grabs the saddle and they run around the parked truck to the trailer behind it.  They must let their horse out of the trailer, tack up and mount the horse. She races around the arena and back to the trailer.  The first team to get their horse back in their trailer and close the gate wins!  The winning team, led by Autumn LeFever won the race by a slim three seconds!

On Friday night, the Iron Cowgirl hosted open barrel and pole bending races.  Eighty-three riders competed for a $5,000 purse split among the top finishers.  Winners includes; Callie Willie, Lolita Long, Katie Bell, Hannah Schreck, Jojo Wagner, Amber Hultman, Molly Riermann and Laura Smith.

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