1. Midwest Pole Bending Association, SomerStar Ranch and its representatives have the final say on all rulings.
  2. Western attire required including long sleeved shirt, hats and heeled boots.
  3. Tipped barrels or poles result in a five second penalty for each tip for barrel classes, pole bending, scudda ho.
  4. The same teammate must be used when competing in rescue race and goat dressing. If both teammates are Iron Cowgirl competitors, one time will be used with any accruing penalties.
  5. Contestants must have a current negative coggins test on-site and available upon request.
  6. All reruns will be the decision of the Arena Director. Rerun will be on fresh drag. Arena Director’s decisions are FINAL. In the case of a timer malfunction rider will be offered a re-run. No re-rides will be given for individual equipment or tack malfunction.
  7. Goat Tying – Once three legs are securely tied, the contestant must stand back. The goal must remain tied for six seconds. If the goat does not stay tied, the contestant will receive a ten second penalty.
  8. Pennant Race – Multiple attempts may be made to exchange the pennant as long as forward motion is maintained. Failure to maintain forward motion will result in a no time.
  9. A barrier rope will be used for the breakaway event. If the barrier rope is “broken” a ten second penalty will be assessed. This rope gives the calf time to exit the chute in advance of the contestant.
  10. For rescue race, the teammate must wait behind a marked area for the contestant to pick them up. The reammate may not touch the ground between the marked area and the finish line. Touching the ground is a disqualification.
  11. Spotting or fanning cattle will result in a disqualification in One Man Sort. The competitor has five seconds to pass the timer line once they have received the calf number. A ten second penalty will result if the horse crosses the cattle gate.
  12. All draws will be posted a minimum of one hour prior to the start of each event. Late entries (received after Aug 1) will compete first in each event.
  13. These are preliminary rules. Any updates will be distributed at the contestant meeting Thursday morning.

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